Monday, 20 January 2014

Oracle 11g: Clone Oracle database home

On the source server compress the DB home:
tar -cvf  db.tar db

Copy the tar file to the target server:
scp -rp db.tar  oracle@targetserver:/Oracle/product/11.2/

Extract the tar file:
tar -xvf db.tar

Run the clone scripts:
cd /Oracle/product/11.2/db/clone/bin

perl ORACLE_BASE=/Oracle ORACLE_HOME=/Oracle/product/11.2/db ORACLE_HOME_NAME=11GR2_HOME

./runInstaller -clone -waitForCompletion  "ORACLE_BASE=/Oracle" "ORACLE_HOME=/Oracle/product/11.2/db" "ORACLE_HOME_NAME=11GR2_HOME" -silent -noConfig -nowait

After installation run the script as in root account: 

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