Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cloning Issues you maybe face

1.  While running adpreclone on EBS , APPS user locked continiously.
Soultion – Follow metalink Note Id – ID 420001.1
2.  PDF output problem in Instance. No PDF output produced after cloning .
Solution – Follow metalink Note Id ID 981163.1
3.  Got this in alert.log WARNING: Oracle executable binary mismatch detected.
Solution – Follow the metal…ink Note ID – 369260.1.
4.  After cloning, forms will not launch.
Performed the below Steps:
Run the cmclean.sql scripts
Run Autoconfig on all nodes.(DB+CM+WEB Nodes)
5.  After cloning Purge Concurrent Request and/or Manager Data request status alway is running , it is not completing.
As per Metalink ID 1016766.102 ( OS Files are Purged from Wrong Instance when Running Purge Concurrent Requests),It is because of
FNDCPPUR is trying to delete files it can’t access because they are belonging to the original environment.
 The following table and columns still contain PATH referencing the original environment :
 Perform the below Steps:
 a) Stop the concurrent managers.
 b) Start a SQL*Plus session as APPLSYS.
 c) Issue the following commands:
 TRUNCATE TABLE fnd_concurrent_requests;
 TRUNCATE TABLE fnd_concurrent_processes;
 UPDATE fnd_concurrent_queues
 SET running_processes = 0,
 max_processes = 0;
 d) Exit the SQL*Plus session.
 e) Restart the concurrent managers.
6.  While running getting the Inventory problem , so enter the correct entry in /etc/oraInst.loc location.
 7.  After starting the services , the listener will not coming up because of missing listener.ora file in $TNS_ADMIN location.
Then Stop the APPS Services ./ apps/
run the Autoconfig . ./
Then start the APPS Services ./ apps/

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